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Starry Night FLEXI Multi-way Convertible Leash

Starry Night FLEXI Multi-way Convertible Leash

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Multi-way Leash Features:

  • Extra adjustable - Designed to fit humans up to ~180cm, waist size down to ~63cm (XS)
  • Adjustable Body strap: For humans - strap and buckle around your waist or sling over your body
  • Adjustable Leash: For pets - hook it onto the body strap as a crossbody or use it as a separate handheld leash  
  • Padded for comfort: Body strap is padded all around for comfort and to prevent abrasions
  • Lightweight 
  • Other uses: Hook onto handles/chairs for safety when bringing your pet out for meals
  • Dimensions: 2cm x 170cm
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